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Awaken Your Inner Queen

Embrace your royal essence and reign as the queen you are meant to be

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We hear often of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone Archetypes, but one has been overlooked for too long. After we have been mothering our families and society for so many years, it is time for us to reign as the Queen we are now!

  • You’ve been meeting everyone else’s needs… and you’re ready to prioritize YOUR needs.

  • You feel overwhelmed and unappreciated… you’re ready to create space for yourself.

  • Your changing body feels like a stranger’s… you’re ready to reconnect with your body again and find your sensuality in everyday life.

  • You feel alone in Perimenopause... you’re ready to move through this season with the loving support of other Queens, in Sisterhood.

  • You’ve lost touch with your divine nature…you’re ready to connect to the divine consistently.

Your Inner Queen is Ready to Take Her Throne

Joining this Temple Includes:

New Beginnings 

  • Imagine loving + appreciating your body - every curve, every line, every new change you discover 

  • Imagine rekindling the fire in your own sensuality and in your sex life 

  • Imagine being supported by a circle of women who understand the ups and downs of this life transition 

  • Imagine you have a time devoted to YOU that keeps you grounded and able to give your best self to the people who matter most.

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About Me

My name is Genevieve Grace

Raised in a conservative Christian church, I developed a strong faith in a Source of life and a belief that Love was the message. Following my divorce a decade ago, my feminine divine reawakened, revealing that the patriarchal church concealed the inherent wisdom of women. Surrounded by supportive, powerful, faithful women, I began trusting myself, recognizing my intuition, and learning that my body's responses were messages from my higher self, empowering me to embrace and embody the Goddess within.


My greatest desire is to support women who are in this beautiful, yet under-appreciated and often unspoken, season of life, to cross the threshold into their Queen Era.

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Sarah H. (42)

"Genevieve has a nurturing personality and has a depth knowledge about skin care."

Nicole B. (35)

"Her presence is a potent reminder of warmth, effortlessly instilling calmness in every situation and enhancing life with vibrancy and delight."

Kaitlin D. (28)

"I absolutely love being around Genevieve; her energy is like a positive force that lights up every room and brings joy to everyone."

How it Works

We meet for 4 weeks of live ceremony via zoom. Replays will be available.

At each ceremony, we will create a daily practice for you to deepen your connection with your Inner Queen, between ceremonies.

We will also connect in a Facebook Group to build our Sisterhood.

Get ready to receive affirmations, movement playlists and a guided sensual practice!

You Have

You can do ANYTHING

  • You have permission to live a life where you honor + prioritize yourself everyday!

  • You have permission to embrace and even celebrate this season of life!

  • You have permission to find pleasure in your HOLY body wholly - to revel in the way it looks and feels 

  • You have permission to claim your Inner Queen!

What You Will Learn

Awaken Your Inner Queen

Embracing your royal essence and reign as the Queen you are meant to be


Opening Ceremony - Love Myself

  • Clear the negative words we have for ourselves

  • Create a written affirmation to support honoring yourself

  •  Step into a supportive Sisterhood


Be Present in Your Body - Dance

  • Move your body without judgment

  • Free and release stuck energy

  • Establish your center for grounding


Worship the Queen - Touch

  • Worship your Holy vessel

  • Release shame you have around pleasure

  • Create Kundalini energy for action


Closing Cermony - Sisterhood Share

  • Gather as Queens

  • Experience a ritual to 

  • Give and receive wisdom from your Sister-Queens

You are the perfect fit if:

  • You are ready for a deeper connection to your changing body

  • You are ready for a deeper connection to women through Sisterhood

  • You want to feel and express your feminine divine in a way that compliments your religious and spiritual background

  • You are ready to commit to showing up for yourself, live each week

This may not be for you if:

  • You are not ready to be vulnerable in a group of women

  • You are not ready to commit to attending live

  • You are challenged by the belief that we are all god and the source of love is inside us already

  • I am not religious/I have religious beliefs - is this for me?
    We are all spirits having a physical experience. All religions and beliefs are embraced here.
  • I’m not sure if I’m in perimenopause/I am past menopause. Is this for me?
    You will feel seen, understood, and cared for no matter what your physical body is going through.
  • You mentioned sexuality and I am single - Is that okay?
    This temple is for you! Your pleasure is the power for all areas of your life.
  • I've never explored the divine feminine. Will I learn about it here?
    A bit, but don’t let language hold you back. You will FEEL your divinity.
  • What if I miss a live call? Will there be a way to access the recordings after?
    Yes! We would love for you to attend live, but recordings will be available to view after sessions.
  • What if I don't have a Facebook?
    You will still receive so much from the ceremonies and the free gifts.

The Investment

Two installments of $177 each


A single payment of $333

One Last Thing

You are divine!

I can't wait to help you remember.

Join us in Sisterhood to be held and lifted to your rightful place in your Queendom!

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