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Soul Offerings

With a passion for creating sacred spaces, I am committed to fostering connections and empowering women on their spiritual journeys.

I am a witness to the transformative journeys of women and I create a nonjudgmental environment where vulnerability is welcomed, and authenticity is celebrated. 

Awaken Your Inner Queen

It's time to embrace your royal essence and reign as the Queen you are meant to be.

Sacred Women's Circles

A passionate advocate for Sisterhood, I actively gather women in a community of support and empowerment. Through the profound connections forged in circles, love becomes a powerful force that ripples through the lives of participants and beyond. In the sacred gathering, gifts are multiplied, and a sense of unity prevails.

Next In- Person Circle
San Antonio - July 13, 2024

Private Sessions

La Limpia De Rosas

A traditional healing session using the magic of roses to bring you back into balance.

Guided Medicine Journey

Also known as 'trip sitting' I create a safe container for your personal journey with sacred mushrooms.

"Healing happens in the presence of an empathetic witness" - Bessel van der Kolk

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