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5 Advanced Skin Care Tools That Drastically Improve the Skin

Taking good care of your skin is vital if you want to maintain a healthy and youthful complexion. There are certain things you can do to maintain a youthful complexion such as consuming a healthy diet, reducing stress, getting plenty of sleep, using effective topical skincare products and by using specialized skincare tools. Using topical skincare products is important to the health of your skin but you kick your skincare regimen into high gear by incorporating some or all of these advanced tools into your routine as well. 1. LED light therapy devices utilize LED (light emitting diode) technology to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin repairing, healing, and renewing your skin cells. Yellow, amber, red, and infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been shown to increase collagen and elastin production, boost circulation, and prompt reparative processes at a deep cellular level. These improvements will impact the skin quickly and cumulatively promoting an overall younger appearance to the skin while also diminishing lines and wrinkles. 2. Blue light therapy devices have the ability to treat and prevent acne. Blue LED light wavelengths have been shown to kill the acne causing bacteria, P. acnes. It's a safe, painless, and drug-free option for the treatment of acne. 3. Skin cleansing tools do a phenomenal job of deep cleaning your skin and removing stubborn dirt and debris from the surface. After cleansing with one of these innovative tools your skincare products have the opportunity to penetrate and work more effectively. 4. At home microdermabrasion systems give you incredibly smooth and vibrant skin without the inconvenience of going to a dermatologist. Home microdermabrasion systems are a powerful form of exfoliation that remove dead skin cells and sebum that have become stuck on the surface of your skin. Thoroughly removing dead skin cells will reveal smoother skin and will encourage faster cell turnover. 5. Microcurrent devices utilize very small currents to stimulate and re-educate the underlying facial muscles. They have also been shown to increase collagen and elastin production which helps to diminish lines and wrinkles over time. Because the facial muscles are so intricately woven to facial skin as these muscles are strengthened they help to lift and tone the skin. Skincare tools are great companions to any skincare regimen and can increase your positive results by leaps and bounds. They encourage stronger and healthier skin in different ways but in the end will all make dramatic improvements to your skin.

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